Focus Runway

This is a training tool developed by Dr Julia Jones aka Dr Rock to help you get your brain into focus mode and keep it there, so you can get great work done quickly and have more spare time to do fun stuff.

Workload is a leading factor in work related stress and we know that continuous exposure to stress related chemicals results in significant damage to our body, brain and mental health. Yet most people have never been taught how their brain works or shown how to harness its amazing potential.

Many people now turn to their headphones to try and block out distractions to get work done. However, typing "focus" or "work" into your search bar delivers an overwhelming list of playlists that have simply been tagged using those keywords by the person who uploaded them. This does NOT mean those playlists are specifically and carefully designed to help you focus and get work done. In fact, in many cases those playlists are not actually conducive to focus. 


This tool has been designed to help you. The more you use it the more effective it should become as you begin to associate the practice with focused work.  Press the button below to start your journey into improved focus.

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