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The brain health programme for workplaces


Neurodegenerative diseases commonly begin decades before symptoms become apparent and are difficult to treat. We believe that emphasising brain health in wellness programmes can help improve engagement and results.

"A third of current diagnoses could have been prevented" - The Lancet

“Based on the large and continually growing neuroscience research base and the recent recommendations from The Lancet and World Health Organisation, I firmly believe that music and sound can be highly effective tools for promoting good brain health. It's an enjoyable way of increasing social engagement, managing stress, increasing focus and delivering cognitive stimulation through the learning of new skills. The Music Diet programme helps employers embed good brain health awareness and practice in the workplace. You might say we provide a 'brain gym'. Building cognitive reserve and resilience earlier in life can pay dividends later on.”

Dr Julia Jones, Founder of The Music Diet


Our experts talks explain the science and show your workforce how to harness the effects of music on the brain to achieve peak performance, stay on top of workload and keep brain health on your agenda during working life



Our superb Music Coaches spend a day a week at your office delivering mass singalongs, DJ lessons, instrument tuition, lunchtime gigs and music socials to build your social networks and skills through music





Our additional programme of live streamed and on-demand instrument lessons, DJ tuition, talks & singalongs will be led by world class musicians for our virtual community


Don't forget to look after the brain

The 2019 World Health Organisation report pointed to over 400 research studies that highlighted positive effects of music on mental and physical health

The 2020 Deloitte report found that the cost of poor mental health for UK employers has risen to £45bn per year, but they now reap £5 of cost savings for every £1 invested on interventions

“Music can lift us out of depression or move us to tears - it is a remedy, a tonic, orange juice for the ear. But for many of my neurological patients, music is even more - it can provide access, even when no medication can, to movement, to speech, to life. For them, music is not a luxury, but a necessity.” Prof Oliver Sachs

Our workplace programme is based on The Music Diet book by Dr Julia Jones. It's been featured on BBC 1 TV, Sky News TV, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 3 and in The Sunday Express and The Sun. The book explains why consuming a little music in some form as part of your daily diet can deliver wellness benefits (when done appropriately).

We're a startup. We launched in the UK in November 2019 and some of the world's largest companies are already on The Music Diet workplace programme and loving it. Welcome to The Roaring 20s, the decade of workplace transformation.



We use music and neuroscience principles to help our clients and their workforces live the healthiest, happiest lives they can - by helping them understand the science basics and showing them how to use music to reduce risk factors linked to declines in brain health. Our music coaches spend the day in your workplace weekly or fortnightly to deliver the programme of singalongs, instrument lessons, DJ workshops and talks. Our streaming soundtracks can also be delivered wirelessly into your working environment (via headphones and wireless speakers), reducing stress and improving focus to help you stay on top of workload (the leading cause of work related stress and illness). Let us help you identify exactly where and how music can transform your existing workplace when used appropriately, making it a happier more enjoyable experiential environment for employees. Regular music participation during working life can deliver multiple health benefits (body and brain) and help reduce the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases (dementias) in later life.


Music hits the right notes for brain health

Our monthly subscription based programme delivers a range of music offers in your workplace. Join the most exciting music driven brain health programme in the UK.

  • "Workaoke" singalong sessions at lunchtime

  • Curated playlists (via wifi speakers / headphones)

  • Lunchtime gigs / singalong groups / choirs

  • Guitar / drum / keyboard / ukulele / vocal tuition for beginners (our 'Music Zero to Music Hero' course)

  • Songwriting / creative writing sessions

  • DJ sets and tuition

  • Silent discos

  • Music socials after work

  • Office bands and annual Battle of The Office Bands

  • Recording studio sessions

  • Wellbeing talks / peak performance workshops

JJ Rankin Gibson Guitar July 2019.jpg


Our workplace wellness programme is based on the principles outlined in The Music Diet book by Dr Julia Jones (aka Dr Rock).  Julia has spent the past 25 years studying the effects of music on human behaviour and prescribing music to drive engagement and wellbeing - in elite sport, public health and the corporate sector. The Music Diet gives individuals and businesses clear guidance on how to appropriately harness the power of music and reap rewards.

Julia's research examining the effects of music on exercise endurance was published in the Journal of Sport Sciences and her PhD research examining the effects of music exposure during youth forms the basis of her work with the NHS' first dementia village opening 2020. She contributes to a number of UK Government groups and commissions relating to health, technology and education.


Her mission is to transform workplace wellness, combat work-related stress and reduce the risk of developing dementia in later life through the promotion of brain health and functional use of music at work. As part of this work Julia created Music At Work Week (25 Nov - 1 Dec 2019), a non-profit promotional campaign to raise awareness regarding the benefits of music and sound and encourage employers to harness it appropriately as a tool in their workplaces.

Click here to listen to Dr Rock's "3 Minute Epiphany" on Mary Anne Hobbs' BBC 6 Music Show

For press and media enquiries contact Dominic Mohan Media here

Photo: "Dr Rock by Rankin"

for the 'Let's Reset' book at www.letsreset.com





£12.99 + P&P

One third of dementia diagnoses in retirement could have been prevented during working life.

Don't neglect your brain health.


Our workplace programme is designed to help you look after your brain health and help reduce the risk of dementia in later life


A contribution from your fees also helps fund our NHS work so those already living with dementia have music in their lives

"Music is a key component in human life. The Music Diet is a compelling and authoritative book showing a clear link between what we hear and our mental and physical health.


I support the drive to encourage bosses to help their employees listen to music in the workplace. This can help stimulate productivity and ease stress in an increasingly complex world of working patterns and environments.

Dr Rock is setting the pace and leading the debate - she is someone who we all need to listen to.”

Michael Dugher

Chief Executive, UK Music


"Dr Rock is spot on. Music plays such an important role in our lives and her book The Music Diet demonstrates how what we listen to can influence our physical and mental health. That's why employers should listen up and take note.


Music in the workplace is a logical extension of Dr Jones' work and bosses should get on board - they may be surprised by the positive results.”

Ian King

Ian King Live, Sky News Business

“Music can transform lives and help physical and mental wellbeing for those of all ages.  Employers will see - and hear - the benefits of allowing staff to listen to music of any genre in the workplace.


Having opera in the background continually at ENO (and pop and hip hop in the background when I worked at MTV) can have a transformative effect on the happiness of staff.


The Music Diet is a must read and totally nails the crucial importance of music in human beings' lives and for their health."

Stuart Murphy

Chief Executive, English National Opera

Music is an essential part of the human diet


Dr Julia Jones AKA Dr Rock





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